Virna De Paul and “Bedding the Wrong Brother”

Praise For National Bestselling Author Virna De Paul:

De Paul is amazing!” —NYT Bestselling Author Lori Foster

This story is beautifully written…I found myself falling in love with every single character from the first pages.”

Susana Says…Sexy and Satisfying Read…4/5 Stars

SusanaSays3Melina is an entomologist insecure about her ability to satisfy a man sexually. Her good friends know she has always had a crush on Rhys, the boy next door who has become a traveling magician along with his twin Max, and suggest that she ask Rhys to teach her what she needs to know. Melina cringes at that…making love with the man she loves with the full knowledge that it’s just sex to him would be torture. But Max…well, Max is another story.

Max, who feels guilty about the nasty trick he played on Melina and Rhys when they were teens—which resulted in keeping them apart—tries to make amends by setting them up. Even though the two of them are identical, Melina is one of the few who can tell them apart. But when Rhys finds out what Melina is up to, he makes it his responsibility to show Melina there’s nothing wrong with her—it’s the guys she’s been with that are the problem.

Rhys has always loved Melina, but it’s not just Max’s fault that he has avoided her over the years. He’s a traveling magician and Melina is the epitome of the white-picket-fence woman. She would hate the show-business life. But after they spend an intimate weekend together, he finds himself wondering if there is some way to compromise.

I love the ladybug theme. Rhys’ pet name for Melina is ladybug, since that’s her favorite insect. When he was in France—before the story began—he bought her a polka-dot bikini that he knew would show off her assets. Proof positive that he’s telling the truth about his feelings for her.

De Paul has a unique way of describing people:

Untitled-1Grace, a career counselor in the university’s humanities department, was class and calmness personified. While Lucy was Cherry Garcia—cherry ice cream with cherries and fudge flakes—Grace was Ben and Jerry’s Crème Brûlée—sweet custard ice cream with a caramelized sugar swirl.

Here are some memorable quotes:

She was tired of men who sucked in bed and blamed her for their suckiness.

Then if your exes found you wanting, it wasn’t because you lacked skill, it was because they knew you didn’t feel that passion for them. That doesn’t mean you don’t have the passion inside you.” I should know, he thought. She’d given him the taste he’d been craving, and it had almost blown his mind.

“You’re as sexy as you’re willing to let yourself be. Always remember that, Melina.”

My previous experience with De Paul’s books have been her Para-Ops series, which I’ve mentioned before on this blog. But after reading this book, I can heartily recommend her contemporaries as well. Enjoy!

About Virna De Paul

Virna De Paul is a former criminal prosecutor and national bestselling author of paranormal romance, contemporary romance, and romantic suspense. She writes for Harlequin Romantic Suspense, HQN, and Random House. In her off hours, she loves Broadway musicals, spending time with her family and friends, and connecting with other romance readers.

Virna’s books are available at most ebook retailers.

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