Jillian Chantal and “Moon Dance”


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Jillian will be awarding a free backlist e-book to a randomly drawn commenter at each stop, and a Grand Prize of a moon charm/crystal necklace (see below) to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour. Commenting on the other stops of the tour will increase your chances of winning!

Geographical Insights on Moon Dance

I based Moon Dance in London, England as I love the United Kingdom and it inspires me in many ways.  The bulk of the action takes place in the Southwark area of the city. This part of the city is on the opposite side of the Thames River from the Tower of London. This area has Waterloo tube station as well as a number of interesting pubs and theatres including what is now called The Old Vic and the recreation of the Globe theatre.

I used several real restaurants in the story. I’ve eaten at Weatherspoons, a chain of pubs in the UK. They have good food and a nice atmosphere but sadly, they do have a chain-type restaurant look about them. If you’re looking for an authentic pub experience, you’re better off not going to Weatherspoons. They do have a wicked good curry night, though.

One of the things I threw into the story is a real phenomenon I noticed and made a note of as I came out of the Weatherspoons near Tower Bridge. Right next door to the pub is a police station.  Next to that is a municipal court building and on the far side of that is a jail. How cool is that? You can get drunk and rowdy, be arrested, taken to court and jailed all in the same block.  Mind you, I’m not recommending that as a plan of action.

Caffe Nero is a chain of coffee shops in the UK and I also used one of those at a pivotal point of the story. The heroine grabs a coffee there just before a catastrophe befalls her.

I had the heroine talk about visiting the Churchill museum on the Southwark side of the Bridge but it got cut in the final version. Sometimes, too much detail can bog down the story and my editor suggested the cut. The story is stronger because it was cut but if you ever get to London, it’s a pretty cool museum to visit.

I have the hero and heroine cross the river to visit the British Museum and its Elgin Marble exhibit. When I travel, I like to make notes of where things are and figure out the transportation to get there so I had them discuss which tube stop to get off at for the museum since there are two in the area.

Green Goblin cider is a really good hard cider that is served in a lot of pubs. The British are cider drinkers and I’ve become a bit of an addict to some of them as well but they are hard to find here which I guess is a good thing for my liver.  I have the heroine bring some Green Goblin to the hero’s flat when she’s trying to make up with him over a small spat.

I love to travel and collect maps as well as other items and books to use when I sit down and write. I think it’s very important to get that true flavor of where the characters are at any given moment. The realistic use of food, drinks, setting and geography is very important and I do all I can to make the scene shine in the reader’s eyes.

Have any scenes in books you’ve read made you feel as if you were really there? If so, tell me about them.

prizeJillian will be awarding a free backlist e-book to a randomly drawn commenter at each stop, and a Grand Prize of a moon charm/crystal necklace to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour.

About Moon Dance

Olga Quinn hopes her relocation to London to work on their space shuttle program is the life changing move she needs after the loss of her co-worker in a workplace explosion.  She meets Gabriel Swicord, a fireman turned celebrity radio personality and deejay. He lost his sight while rescuing a family in the line of duty and has immersed himself in music and work since then. For a few days, Olga and Gabe burn hot for each other and then things turn cold.

Someone is murdering women who patronize the club where Gabe spins records. It appears that he’s the connection to the dead women and his name and face are plastered all over the news. Things are not looking good for Olga’s peaceful new life and when the killers turn kidnappers, things really begin to heat up.


“Ouch.” Olga Quinn dropped the soldering iron on the marble countertop. It landed with a clatter and rolled off onto the tile floor of the lab. She sucked on her index finger with tears streaming down her face. “After all these years, you’d think I wouldn’t do that anymore, wouldn’t you? I mean, really, I’ve been making prototypes forever.”

“It has been a while since you worked really hands on, though, hasn’t it?” Olga’s co-worker, Gina Boudreau said. She bent down and picked up the soldering iron.

“Yeah, in Houston, I was assigned to the design team. I created ideas and other people made the models to test them. Over here, it seems we do all the jobs. I’m glad they have someone to clean the bathrooms or we might get sucked into that as well.”

MoonDanceCover“We’re much smaller here at British Aerospace than NASA, but I don’t think they’ll put us scientists to work in the loo.” Gina giggled. “I do wonder why you decided to move here, though. You had a pretty cushy job. I’m a little jealous and why you’d give that up, I’ll never understand.”

Olga made herself smile as she swallowed the lump in her throat that thoughts of Texas always brought. “I wanted a change of pace for a while. I’m here on loan only. I’m sure I’ll head back across the Atlantic someday.”

“Maybe you’ll decide you love the motherland so much that you’ll want to stay forever.”

“Not likely since England isn’t my motherland.” Olga moved over to the stainless steel sink and ran some cold water over her hand that still stung from the burn from the solder.

“I thought all you Yanks were descended in some way from the Anglo Saxons.”

Olga shook her head. “Nope. I’m part Russian and part Inuit.” She dried her hand off, opened a drawer in the closest cabinet and reached for some burn ointment for her finger.

“So that explains the darkness of your soul.” Gina laughed.

“You sound like you’re stereotyping my people.”

“I’d never do that. Unless I was kidding around.” Gina grinned. She pulled off her lab coat. “Quitting time soon. Come out tonight to the club with me and the gals. We’ll have fun. They have a brilliant celebrity deejay there and I want you to hear him. He’s quite good.”

About the Author

AuthorPicJillian Chantal lives on the gulf coast of Florida. She’s an avid traveler and enjoys using her experiences in other places as the background and inspiration for her stories. Writing Romantic Adventures with an International Flair is her favorite type of story to focus on. She loves to hear from readers and can be contacted at:


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17 thoughts on “Jillian Chantal and “Moon Dance”

  1. “Beneath Outback Skies” had a lot of scenes where I felt like I was really there. My e-books take place in Cincinnati, Ohio, where I live, but that is definitely not as exciting as London.

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  3. Your whole book Hot Pursuit made me feel like I was right there. Especially the scene at the chalet. I so see that on the big screen. You have a real knack for bringing your readers in to the story. Looks like you’ve done it again with Moon Dance. Of course, right now, Fireworks for Katerina is my favorite because it hits especially close to home these days.

  4. I love all the attention to setting details that you describe. My earliest recollection of books that really paid great attention to “place”–that made me feel like I was there–was the Anne of Green Gables books. Wonderful details!
    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

  5. Loved your memories of London, Jillian. I love the Southwark area now it’s been regenerated – it used to be very rundown and scruffy! Think the Churchill Museum is on the other side of the river though!
    Best of luck with Moon Dance – look forward to reading it – and seeing London through American eyes 🙂

    • Paula- I’ve been to the Churchill museum and it’s right near the train station that the Gatwick Express comes into in that side of the river. I’m drawing a blank at the moment on the actual station but I’m going to look it up. It’s kind of near the dungeon museum maybe? Going to pull my map. Lol.

      And yes, I remember when southwark was scruffy and seedy. In the early 1990s I was there and got a little frightened. Heheh

      • Okey dokey, Paula, I went and looked. It’s actually the Imperial War Museum southwark side. I saw a ton of Churchill stuff there and also went to the Churchill museum and had my head twisted around- guess it’s good the editor took it out. Lol. But the imperial war museum is awesome, too.

      • Ah yes, Imperial War Museum – wonderful place, I love it! Used to take groups of students there when they were studying 1st and 2nd World Wars. Churchill’s War Rooms (in Westminster) are also good, very evocative of the era.

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