Elaina John and “Rising Flame”


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About Rising Flame

Lily Malloy’s life changes forever the night a dark stranger shows up at her door. She soon finds herself growing increasingly attracted to this mysterious man. When Lily is forced to rely on him to find her sister after she goes missing, Lily discovers a secret that could mean life or death.

When Dex’s planet, Jheta, is destroyed, he and his people travel to Earth for a new home. By chance, he stumbles upon fascinating, beautiful Lily. Haunted by the truth of his identity, Dex knows he can never have her. Yet that doesn’t stop his attraction to her. When a threat jeopardizes the lives of Lily and the Jhetans, Dex must fight to protect them, even if it means his own life.


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Lily jogged down the stairs, the aroma of fried bacon in the air. Shay was a woman after her own heart. A good night’s sleep and hot breakfast in the morning. She couldn’t ask for more.

She didn’t think she’d sleep last night after the scare. When her head hit the pillow, she was out like a light. Lily frowned, hearing Shay’s musical laughter followed by a deep, male voice. They had company?

She treaded softly to the kitchen. They had company all right. A Greek god. The man sitting at the table with Shay was beyond handsome. He belonged on the cover of a romance novel.

Though he was sitting, his presence seemed to fill the whole room. He was muscular and appeared to be rather tall judging from the length of his legs underneath the table. He had an exotic look about him that could not pinpoint him to a single ethnicity. His short hair was dark brown as were his eyes, which tilted a bit at the corners. His skin glowed like a leprechaun’s pot of gold. As he gazed at Shay, his expression was one of adoration and appreciation.

Lily cleared her throat, gaining their attention. The stranger quickly stood as if showing her respect. His clothes looked two sizes too small for his large body. She caught him glancing from her to Shay, as people tended to do when they realized the two of them were twins. That gaze locked on her. Lily ignored the strange fluttering in her stomach.

About the Author

Elaina John is an author from Chicago. She began writing after graduating college and discovering she’d rather write books than work in the corporate world. Along with Rising Flame, the first book of the Jhetan Chronicles, she is also the author of the States Trilogy and a couple short stories.


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