Vampire or Valkyrie: The Allure of the Paranormal Romance

kresley_coleAnyone who devoured fairy tales as much as I did as a child has to understand the seductive attraction of a world filled with magical creatures with the power to grant wishes and transform hum-drum reality into a fantasy world where anything is possible.

The science fiction genre holds the same appeal for me as fairy tales, which is why I also love futuristic romances. In fact, futuristic romance is a sub-category of the paranormal, which also includes time travel romance. My imagination thrives on the whole concept of visiting a future world with all sorts of miraculous technology and potential for adventure. It’s a world where anything can happen, a place where I can escape when the tedious nature of reality gets me down.

Don’t get me wrong: the paranormal world is not full of sunshine and roses. Vampires drink blood. Werewolves kill people. Even fairies can be evil, like Malificent in Sleeping Beauty. In Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark series, beserkers have to kill like a thousand people to become immortal, and Valkyries slice the heads off of vampires and goblins without a second thought. And even though they are immortal, immortals can still die, if they are not careful. Danger is everywhere in a paranormal romance.

But there’s just something about the romance between paranormals and/or paranormals and humans that keeps me riveted to my Kindle. Perhaps it’s the whole idea that one’s “perfect mate” is utterly and forever devoted to you that makes me feel that life with a besotted vampire might not be so bad, if a trifle bloody.

What paranormal creature would you like to be if you had the choice? Me, I’d be a Valkyrie. Perhaps they are a bit bloodthirsty and hard-hearted, but once they fall, they fall hard. Not to mention the witty sense of humor and unapologetic materialism, addiction to video games, and fascination for anything that glitters.

Tell me about your favorite paranormal creatures and authors. Do you think Kresley Cole is amazing? Let’s chat!

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To Celebrate the Release of Treasuring Theresa 

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New Year’s and Twelfth Day Traditions

Happy New Year - champagne and party decoration

It’s only been since 1752 when England adopted the Gregorian calendar that January 1st was considered the first day the year. Until then, Lady Day (March 25) had that honor. In Regency times, New Year’s was considered rather a minor holiday between two major holidays—Christmas and Twelfth Night.

New Year’s was associated with superstition. The family would sit around in a circle before midnight, and when the clock struck, the head of the family would go to the door and open it and usher in the New Year. People would clear their homes of old scraps and perishable food so as not to carry it over into the new year and court bad luck.

The singing of Aulde Lang Syne, which is loosely translated as “days gone by,” began as a Scottish celebration which traveled to England when Robert Burns published the lyrics in 1796.

Twelfth Day was the twelfth day of Christmas, or Epiphany, when the three wise men and shepherds came to honor the Christ child. In many parts of the world, January 6 is the day presents are exchanged, since that was the day the young Christ child received his gifts. Twelfth Night is considered by some to be the night before Twelfth Day, thus January 5.

On Twelfth Night, a special “king” cake is baked containing a bean and a pea. The person who finds the bean in his/her piece is the king of the evening’s festivities and whoever finds the pea is the queen. Check out this king cake recipe by Emeril Lagasse. The king cake started out as an English/French tradition, but has spread to Spain and other countries. In New Orleans, Twelfth Night or Epiphany is considered to be the beginning of Carnival, which culminates at Mardi Gras, where the king cake remains an important tradition today. During the Carnival season, people hold weekly king cake parties, and whoever finds the small baby token (representing the Christ child) has to hold next week’s party.

Off With the Old, On With the New

The old year, with its struggles and heartaches, is gone, and the new year, with all of its hopes and possibilities, is in front of us. No doubt that is why many of us tend to use this time to reflect on the past year and plan some “course corrections” for the future. When you look back on 2013 a year from now, what would you like to have accomplished?

Because once the year is over, you won’t be getting it back to do over. Keep that goal in front of you at all times and whatever happens, enjoy the journey as well as the destination.

A toast to a prosperous 2013 to each and every one of you!

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Win a $20 Amazon Gift Card!

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Welcome Romance Readers & Authors!

Susana’s Morning Room was created for the express purpose of discussing romance in general and hosting authors of other genres. While historical romance is my speciality, I read widely in all sub-genres of romance, and, while I love that Susana’s Parlour is all about historical romance, I didn’t want to limit my discussions to historicals only.

I’m also having a blast making new author friends who write other genres, so I wanted to have a place where I could feature them and their work as well. If you’re like me, you love the opportunity to discover new books and authors!

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