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Nicole Zoltack: The Test of Time


About The Test of Time

While vacationing in England, Katia spies a large mansion and somehow passes through time, landing in the arms of the otherworldly and enchanting Lord Landon. Trapped in a parallel Regency-era, Katia struggles to not fall for Landon but his charm proves too much for her. Just when she is about to confess her love for him, Katia travels through time yet again.

If Katia can’t master the test of time, she’ll never be reunited with Landon.

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“You dreamt of me?”

“Yes, many times. I always knew one day you would find your way to me.” She expected him to color again, but the look he leveled her with made her blush. “What did we do in your dreams?” Her voice carried despite the quietness of her tone.

“We… ah… got to know each other quite well.” He coughed and drank some of his mulled wine.

About the Author

nicole photoNicole Zoltack loves to write in many genres, especially romance, whether fantasy, paranormal, or regency. She’s also an editor for MuseItUp Publishing and works as a freelance editor.

When she’s not writing about knights, superheroes, or zombies, she loves to spend time with her loving husband and three energetic young boys. She enjoys riding horses (pretending they’re unicorns, of course!) and going to the PA Renaissance Faire, dressed in garb. She’ll also read anything she can get her hands on. Her current favorite TV show is The Walking Dead.

To learn more about Nicole and her work, visit her blog at http://NicoleZoltack.blogspot.com. She can be found on most any social media site under Nicole Zoltack. Stalk away!

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Joy Frawley: Two Worlds Two Men

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Interview With Joy Frawley

Susana: How long have you been writing?

Joy: I started writing about two and a half years ago. I remember enjoying creative writing classes in college, but until recently I never lifted a pen or ever wrote a book.

Susana: What advice would you give to writers just starting out?

AuthorPic_Two Worlds, Two Men copyJoy: You are the only person in your head 24/7 so it’s important to stay aware of what you are telling yourself and what your thoughts are. As a new writer it is easy to cave into negative self-talk; such as not being good enough or that writing the book is a waste of time since no one will ever read it etc. However, when we are aware of what we are thinking we can replace those thoughts with productive ones in order to encourage ourselves when it becomes difficult to keep writing or sending queries. Rejection and what may appear as brutal feedback on your work is all part of the process and that’s okay! It will make your manuscript and you better by improving your work and building persistence in you as a person.

Susana: Tell us something about your newest release that is NOT in the blurb.

Joy: Jocelyn is the main character in my book and while writing I occasionally noticed I was slipping bits and pieces of myself into her character. You’ll never get out of me which ones though because I want to keep you guessing!

Susana: What did you want to be when you grew up?

Joy: Veterinarian, nurse, airplane stewardess or teacher. Those are just the ones I remember. Apparently I thought the life span of a human was about 200 years old.

Susana: What is your favorite food? Least favorite? Why?

Joy: Nachos. But I consider myself a foodie so trying anything fresh and new is always high on my priority list, especially if it’s spicy. My least favorite is probably mincemeat pie simply because I’m forty years old and still have no idea what a mincemeat is. Kind of spooky if you ask me.

Susana: What is one thing your readers would be most surprised to learn about you?

Joy: I have somewhat twisted humor and if you spend any amount of time with me it will eventually spill out.

Susana: Is there a writer you idolize? If so, who?

Joy: Dr. Wayne Dyer is my all-time favorite. He is an inspirational writer and speaker who has influenced me tremendously in pursuing my goal of becoming published. His work has benefitted so many including myself.

Susana: What would we find under your bed?

Joy: Probably dust and toys for my two dogs, Piggs and Diggs. I think they like to see their mom get on the floor and have to scuffle around to retrieve their chew toys for them. Believe me, they are cleverer than they look.

Susana: Do you have a favorite quote or saying?

Joy: I came up with an affirmation that has helped me a great deal and that is: “You are a writer, so rewrite your thoughts to success.” It is a reminder that I have control of my thoughts and I only need to rewrite them to produce the positive results I want to achieve.

Susana: Do you write in multiple genres or just one? If just one, would you consider straying outside your genre?

Joy: Yes, I have written multiple genres. To date I have written a romance, crime fiction and a nonfiction book. I seem to get inspired out of the blue on a topic and I just write.

Susana: What is something you’d like to accomplish in your writing career next year?

Joy: I would like to do more speaking engagements to inspire others to pursue their dreams, especially those who are aspiring to finish their first book. I did a speaking engagement last night and was amazed at the wonderful attendees who were so grateful to soak up little tidbits I learned about becoming published. I have so much myself to learn, but most of them hadn’t been published yet so my speech allowed them to gather some pointers I learned along the way. It was beautiful to be part of that and know that we can help build each other up simply by sharing our own experiences.

About Two Worlds Two Men

Jocelyn and Neely are having a perfectly pleasant dinner at the Sheep Heid Inn when it happens: Jocelyn suddenly finds herself sitting across the table, not from Neely, but a strange man dressed in medieval garb. This man is no apparition. His eyes, the deepest brown, clearly look on her in intimacy; his touch causes her pulse to rise. Jocelyn realizes two things: from his clothes, he is clearly an aristocrat, and that she, Jocelyn Stewart, seems to be in some sort of romantic relationship with him! Minutes later Jocelyn returns to Neely, in the present day, weak and terrified. Together they begin to unravel the forgotten past and find themselves facing the reality of medieval Scotland. A strange world steeped in folklore and superstition; where life begins and often ends with the sword. As Jocelyn travels back to medieval times she learns that the man she keeps seeing is no other than Sir Colin Campbell of the powerful Campbell Clan. When Jocelyn is with Colin, she wants never to leave his side; then she returns to the present and cannot imagine herself with anyone but Neely. Jocelyn struggles with a choice. Which man will gain her heart when both offer such different love? She is in love with two different men in two different worlds.

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Jocelyn looked around for the driver who was supposed to be waiting for her arrival with a sign. She had hired someone to pick her up because, as an American and first-time visitor to Scotland, she had figured it would be less stressful.

Cover_Two Worlds, Two Men copyShe didn’t see the driver anywhere; then, just as she started feeling nervous, she saw a man holding a sign with her name on it. And what a man he was! He was broad shouldered, strong and had dark brown hair with reddish tints. He exuded masculinity like some cologne, and even across the airport, she thought she could smell it. Smoothing her unruly hair, she started to walk over to him.

The man, seeing her approach him, took a step toward her. “Are you, Jocelyn?”

When he spoke her name, she found herself frozen in place unable to respond. She’d heard this voice before; she knew this voice. This man spoke her name exactly like the dream she had had all those years ago! She had been stirred awake in bed by a voice of a man, who spoke her name with a Scottish accent. His voice was gentle and low; as if he wanted to gain her attention, but not cause her alarm. Jocelyn had clutched the sheets to her chest and stared out into the darkness of her bedroom almost feeling his intimate presence beside her. She lifted her hand up to her ear having sworn his warm breath had brushed her skin. Jocelyn remembered she had turned her head, anxiously, toward the pillow next to her and almost thought she would be looking into the eyes of a stranger; yet she had not been frightened. This man, his voice, somehow comforted her.

Now, she stood in the airport and caught her breath as she faced the man before her. Her eyes searched his face for something; though what it was she wasn’t sure. Jocelyn felt her heart beating so fast she was certain the man could hear it as memories flooded her mind of that night so long ago when he or someone spoke her name in the darkness. Was that the reason for her vacation to Scotland? Was she unconsciously trying to find the man?

About the Author

Joy Frawley is an author and writer of the upcoming romance novella; Two Worlds Two Men released in October 2014 by Resplendence Publishing. Joy lives in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan relishing in living the life of the classic “townie” with her two dogs Piggs and Diggs. You can reach her at joyfrawley@gmail.com or joyfrawley.com.

Jennifer Lynn: New Prints In Old Calico

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Jennifer will be awarding a hand-painted plate (see below) (US/Canada only) to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter during the tour. Click here for the Rafflecopter. Click the banner above to follow the tour and increase your chances of winning. Comment on the blog to enter Susana’s November Giveaway (see photo at right).

About New Prints In Old Calico

Amanda Bradshaw, a librarian from modern day New York City, is suddenly transported to Calico, a small 1880s era western town. Without warning, she becomes the new schoolmarm in Calico instead of a librarian. Bewildered by this sudden change in scene, she is befriended by the sheriff, Austen Riley, and a sympathetic saloon owner named Lil. Riley is a man with dark secrets and an axe to grind with rancher Matt Mallory, who turns Amanda’s life inside out. Matt is handsome, determined to win her as his wife, but his shady reputation leaves a lot to be desired. Still, Amanda is attracted to him as they flirt and tease, argue and banter their way towards love.

As Matt, Amy, and Matt’s young daughter, Molly, struggle to become a family, Marshall Riley plans to destroy Matt and claim Amy for his own. But how can Amy prove Matt’s innocence to the one man who wants him dead?

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Cover_New Prints In Old Calico copyShe turned to Chili and blew out a breath. “Kettle on?”

He nodded and turned toward the door. “Yep. I’ll pour us a couple mugs o’ tea.”

A few minutes later, Amy was sitting at the long dining room table with a steaming mug of tea between her palms and Chili Bob waiting expectantly for her to speak.

She took a sip and studied the rim of her cup before raising moist eyes to the old man. “I’m scared, Chili. They’re bound and determined to hang Matt, no matter what.”

He scratched a bristled cheek and squinted across the table. “I’ve been telling Matt for years that we should pull up stakes and head for friendlier territories, but he’s stubborn. Refuses to let anyone run him off his own ranch.”

She looked at him pointedly. “It’s that attitude that’s going to get him killed.”

Chili nodded. “Matthew’s mulish, that’s for sure.”

Amy looked back at him with disbelief on her face and fear in her voice. “They’re building the gallows, Chili! He knew this was going to happen. He could have stopped it.”

“You can’t hide from your destiny, Miss Amy. Sometimes ya gotta stand and face it if you want to change it.

“He must face the hangman’s noose if he wants to avoid it?” She guffawed. “Great, just what I need. A nineteenth century Yoda.”


“A short green guy with big pointy ears. Says a lot of profound things.”

He quirked his eyebrow and took a mouthful of tea. “You got some strange things in that New York City of yours, that’s all I can say.”

About the Author

AuthorPic copyAfter a failed marriage, Jennifer Lynn lost herself in juicy romance novels, with the belief that there had to be a happy ending for someone. Finally, she decided to pull herself together and create her own happy endings, and several novels later, she’s still not finished.

These days she calls High River, Alberta home with her husband, and three dogs. Finding new and exciting plots makes the journey worth the hard work. No rest for the wicked, she says, but is she complaining? Nah. Does she need to find another happy ending? Yes. Want to join her in the quest? Great, you can keep each other company along the way!


Jennifer's Prize

Jennifer’s Prize